Holwell Lawn Hawthorn Tree, Devon Photography Locations #4

The Hawthorn Tree at Holwell Lawn, lies on the stunning Dartmoor national park, situated about a 500m walk from Haytor rocks, it's lies at grid reference SX750778 

The Hawthorn tree makes a great composition with its unique setting which makes it appear to amost be growing straight out of the granite tor..

The tor gives the tree a good amount of separation from the moorland behind and really is a must visit for photography. The images here are one of Dartmoor's most recognisable.

Good for: Unique granite tor shape, panoramic views across Dartmoor, great location for sunsets or sunrises, natural shots and lone tree with nice separation, lots of Bluebells as well in May 

Difficulty: 20 min easy walk from Haytor or Saddle tor car park, very easy to get to Haytor car park by car approx 15mins from A38 by Bovey tracy, or approx 25min from Princetown, Holwell lawn isn't that remote of a location, but a torch would be wise if staying late.

Location: Holwell Lawn Hawthorn Tree is accessed via a 20min walk from Haytor or Saddle Tor. roughly walk in a North West direction past a few tors on your right continue in a direction towards Widecombe and you should be able to spot the tree sticking up between the small tor. If you have made it down to the red barn you have gone to far to the West, walk back up hill in the North East direction, along the stone walls until you see the tor in the distance.. The tree and tor sits on the higher part of the area before it drops off either side if that makes sense, it can be a little tricky to find to start of with but once you spot it, it's quite straight forward.. 


Thanks. Seb


Holwell lawn in the winter 

Holwell lawn in the summer 

Holwell lawn in the summer 


Holwell lawn the day the beast from the east arrived

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