Wistmans Wood, Dartmoor, Devon Photography Locations #6

Wistmans Wood lies on the stunning Dartmoor National Park, situated roughly 1km from Two Bridges Hotel, not far from Princetown. it lies at grid reference SX612770

Wistemans Woods, is an ancient forest that's lies on the uplands of the Dartmoor National Park, the forest dates back over a thousands years and is one of few left over from the mass clearing of the forests for agriculture.

Due to the forests location next to a river, the area has remained very damp for thousands of years which has resulted in lichen and moss covering most of the trees in the forest, this has resulted in the trees remaining very small and growing in a very twisted maner despite their age.

The forest really is a beautiful and enchanting place to visit, with thousands of compositions.

it's said the Druids worshiped here so its worth a visit just to feel the presence of the forest. 

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time whilst here as there are many compositions that often lead to chaos and it's quite difficult to photograph, a wide angle lens would be recommended as well as some macro lens or tubes if you fancy.

Good for: Unique ancient forest, good challenge trying to get a shot with all the chaos, great location for cloudy overcast days, just a great place to visit. 


Difficulty: 20-30min medium walk from the small car park by Two Bridges on the Opposite side of the hotel car park. 

The carpark at Two Bridges is approx 5 mins by car from Princetown or 30 mins by car from Bovey Tracey. Be sure to take a torch and a charged Phone as the ground can be very uneven


Location: From the carpark at Two Bridges walk in a North direction, you should be able to follow the signs and path. You basically are following the river that should be on your left hand side.



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