Windy Cross, Dartmoor, Devon Photography Locations #5

Windy Cross lies on the stunning Dartmoor national park, situated roughly 500m from Cox Tor carpark, not far from Tavistock, it lies at grid reference SX534743

Windy cross is one of many crossed used across the Dartmoor national park to mark waypoints and routes that were used for travel between the various Abbey's such as Buckfast and Tavistock. 

Many of the crosses are several hundreds of years old and lie in interesting photographic compositions, Including the one at windy cross.

The cross gets it nickname from its slanted angle which many says looks like the wind as swept it although it's probably a Dartmoor Pony that pushed it over.

Windy cross lies next to a small river / leat that feeds part of a reservoir and as such you can get some interesting shots with a small cascade / waterfall and the cross of to the side.


Good for: Unique granite cross, panoramic views across Dartmoor, great location for sunsets or sunrises although long exposures would do very well here with a bit of cloud, waterfall and cascade shots. 

Difficulty: 15 min easy walk from Cox Tor car park. Cox Tor car park is located next door to Merrivale and is approx 5mins from Tavistock or 30mins from Bovey Tracy. Windy Cross Waterfall is a semi remote location so a torch and compas would be advised.

Location: Windy Cross is located to the SSE of Cox Tor car park. Simply park in Cox Tor car park which is the one with the big plaque in the corner that looks down to Plymouth and Tavistock at the top of the hill, Then walk in a South South East direction until you see the Cross and or Waterfall, if you find the leat or steam you can probably walk a short while to find the cross..





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