Bowermans nose by Houndtor, Devon Photography Locations #1

Bowermans nose is a unique and stunning single rock formation that lies just of the road close to hound tor at grid reference SX742805. It is a stunning place to visit for a sunset or sunrise since you have amazing views across to Haytor, Hound tor, Manaton and the surrounding moors.

local legend has it that a huntsman called Bowerman lived on the moor about a thousand years ago. When chasing a hare he and his pack of dogs unwittingly ran into a coven of witches, overturned their cauldron and disrupted their ceremony. They decided to punish him, and the next time he was hunting, one of the witches turned herself into a hare, and led both Bowerman and his hounds into a mire. As a final punishment, she turned them to stone - the dogs can be seen as a jagged chain of rocks on top of Hound Tor, while the huntsman himself became the rock formation now known as Bowerman's Nose

Good for: Unique granite tor shape, panoramic views across Dartmoor, Haytor, Hound tor and Manaton, great location for sunsets with the sun setting behind bowermans nose for most of the year. 

Difficulty: 5 min walk of the track / car park location with medium difficulty to find the location by car but you will enjoy lovely views on the way across the open moorland of dartmoor. Approx 30 min one way trip from Ashburton by car. 

Location: Bowermans nose is accessed via a small lane that runs from Hound tor to Langstone cross in Manaton but is only really accessible from Hound tor end unless you have a 4x4 or van.

The entrance that you want to use starts just passed Hound tor car park, if coming from Haytor / Widecombe direction head towards Manaton at the turning by Holwel (just above Widecome), after a few miles go past the turning for Hound tor car park it will be on your right hand side, keeping the car park which is just out of sight also on your right hand side, continue on and just a few yards down the road you will meet a fork in the road situated by a cottage you need to bear right here, off the main road follow the track to the bottom until you go through a gate and onto the moorland, continue for a short while look up on your right hand side and you will see bowermans nose tor looking at you, park up on one of the grassy car parks and walk up, it's best at this point to turn around and head back the way you came when leaving.. 

If you are coming from Manaton direction head to Hound tor simply turn back on yourself to follow the route above.. on your just past the.

Bowermans nose during a sunset in September

Bowermans nose during a sunset in September

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